Check out Scooter being interviewed by the Phoenix New Times!

Studio Hadra in New Mexico!


And getting new fans at the Albuquerque Comic Expo
with Scooter Harris's latest, MINNIE STRIPS # 2!
More photos from the Studio Hadra 2014 tour coming soon!

A sneak peek at Scooter Harris's latest photoshoot!


Featuring burlesque performer and Pucifer fan Michelle Osterday
and her handcrafted headdress based on the band's icon
at the Pucifer store, owned by the band,
in Jerome, AZ, March 2014


Ms. Osterday at the Bartlett Hotel in Jerome, AZ
March, 2014
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An extra unreleased MINNIE STRIPS toon by Scooter Harris 2014


Featuring the late great comedian Ernie Kovacs
To see more of Scooter's illustrations of the innovative comedian in John Saleeby's Television Tell All,
along with a new art for Erik Goodrich's short story "Service with a Smile"
and a new toon as well,
check out BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE # 27, Spring 2014!

A look back at some of the 2013 highlights in Studio Hadra history


Another proud installment of THE S.U.I.T.
"Afghan Cheer"
by Scooter Harris 2013
Story and art inspired by the burlesque performer Shanghai Pearl
Published in BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE # 26, Winter, 2013
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The real Scooter getting along famously with author and former CIA agent Valerie Plame
at the Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale AZ, October 2013


Scooter Harris with burlesque performer Michelle Osterday
at the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, Las Vegas NV, October 2013

Famed actor John Kassir (TALES OF THE CRYPT tv series)
and cosplayer and model Victoria Paege
hanging around the Studio Hadra booth at
the Rapture Horror Expo, Tempe AZ, October 2013


A preview of AZ burlesque performer, writer, and producer Sable Switch
  Also featured in a Studio Hadra ad!
Photo by J. Scooter Harris 2013
Also, Sable collaborated with Scooter on a new episode of THE S.U.I.T.,
"The Dame, The Diamond, and Death"
Published in the Summer 2013 issue (# 24) of


A preview of AZ burlesque performer and pinup model Mia PiaCherrie
Featured in another Studio Hadra ad!
Photo by J. Scooter Harris 2013

A preview of the upcoming Studio Hadra ad for THE S.U.I.T. - DECLASSIFIED # 1
The ad was published in BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE # 24, Summer, 2013
Model:  Roxie Soksoff
Photo by Scooter Harris 2013

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